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  • Feast on the Word

    Feast on the Word

    As a Christian, I know it is important to be reading and meditating on the Bible. After all, it was written just for us from our Loving, Heavenly Father. However, there has often been a large rift between knowing and doing just that in my life. I don’t know about you, but I can specifically…

  • Around the World – Chinese painting & a panda

    Around the World – Chinese painting & a panda

    We’ve been learning about the world this school year by using Around the World with Picture Books by Rea Berg.  This fun geography curriculum uses children’s picture books which we check out at the library.  My kids are 6 and 4 years old.  So we just have fun with it.  We have studied China, Japan,…

  • Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Okay, I love to make waffles for the family. This morning I experimented with overnight soaked kefir waffles. They turned out pretty good. But here’s the thing, it takes 5 minutes to cook one waffle which will then be divided up 5 ways and then devoured. Suddenly, your hungry hoarde is staring at you while…

  • How I healed my adult Acne – Without using any products!

    How I healed my adult Acne – Without using any products!

    If you’ve ever dealt with adult acne, you know how persistent it can be, how costly the medications and makeup can be, and most of all, how frustrating dealing with it all can be. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self not to waste money at the dermatologist or pay for…

  • Idaho’s Bruneau Sand Dunes

    Idaho’s Bruneau Sand Dunes

    Recently, our family made a quick trip to Boise, Idaho. While there, we definitely wanted to take the kids to the tallest sand dune in North America! The tallest dune there is 470 feet.  Located about 60 miles from Boise, it was a once in a lifetime experience not too far from home.  I do…

  • Home Grown Sweet Potatoes from Montana

    Home Grown Sweet Potatoes from Montana

    My son’s favorite vegetable is Sweet Potatoes. Baked, with loads of butter melted into the golden, mashed goodness.  It seems that the nutrition world approves of them as well since they are included in many popular diets like Whole 30 and said to be better for diabetics than regular potatoes.  Happily, and with some trepidation, I started…

  • Montana’s Elkhorn Hotsprings

    Montana’s Elkhorn Hotsprings

    On our way home from Lewis and Clark Caverns we stayed overnight at Elkhorn Hotsprings. What a beautiful place!  I always love the remoteness of the landscape at the incredible Grasshopper and Big Hole Valleys!  After traveling up an excellent, smooth and curving road we came to a collection of cabins in a little valley. …

  • A Summer of Flowers
  • My Favorite Swiss Chard Recipe

    My Favorite Swiss Chard Recipe

    Call me strange, but one of my favorite vegetables to grow in our Montana garden is Swiss chard! This versatile vegetable is not just a one season plant.  It does great all summer long and into the Fall.  I use Swiss chard much as I would spinach since I don’t even bother with spinach anymore. …

  • Keto friendly Huckleberry Dutch Baby

    Keto friendly Huckleberry Dutch Baby

    So we found the place.  You know what I’m talking about.  Our family Huckleberry picking spot!  The kind we will visit every summer.  Go way up a mountain, down a deserted, overgrown road and voila! There it is.  A secret we’ll only share with friends who come pick with us.  🙂  We picked more this…