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  • National Homemade Bread Day

    National Homemade Bread Day

    November 17 is a great day to warm up the house and fill it with the unmistakable aroma of fresh, homemade bread. I’ve got my French Country Boule Sourdough bread started and this time I’m adding bacon!!! Just flour, water, salt, and sourdough starter that I made on my kitchen counter from flour and water.…

  • June Garden Update

    June Garden Update

    Garlic scapes, sweet potatoes, and experimental crops such as celery, Chinese Cabbage, and Luffa sponge are starting to grow here in Western Montana. Check out the video and find out how these crops are doing. Spoiler alert: we’ve already had one crop failure! 😉

  • What to Buy at Azure, Costco, & Amazon

    What to Buy at Azure, Costco, & Amazon

    Do you ever wonder if something at Costco is a good deal? Or maybe you are using an online store such as Amazon or Azure Standard. Hmmm, what do people buy from these places? I have asked these very same questions; so today, I am sharing with you what our family buys from three bulk…

  • Healthy Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe

    Healthy Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m the sort of mom that makes brownies for her kids for Valentine’s day. Skip the candy hearts and refined-sugar-filled chocolates this year and try these ooey, gooey, rich, dark chocolate treats with a side of vegetables! 😉 Seriously, everyone in the family was a fan. Box brownies are easy, ooey gooey,…

  • Kefir soaked Waffles

    Kefir soaked Waffles

    I had to share this recipe for light, fluffy waffles that are soaked overnight in kefir! So, our family loves making and using milk kefir. My kids and I prefer it over yogurt. I completely stopped buying buttermilk and just substitute kefir in whatever recipe calls for it. We have made delicious muffins, biscuits, and…

  • Feast on the Word

    Feast on the Word

    As a Christian, I know it is important to be reading and meditating on the Bible. After all, it was written just for us from our Loving, Heavenly Father. However, there has often been a large rift between knowing and doing just that in my life. I don’t know about you, but I can specifically…

  • Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Okay, I love to make waffles for the family. This morning I experimented with overnight soaked kefir waffles. They turned out pretty good. But here’s the thing, it takes 5 minutes to cook one waffle which will then be divided up 5 ways and then devoured. Suddenly, your hungry hoarde is staring at you while…

  • How I healed my adult Acne – Without using any products!

    How I healed my adult Acne – Without using any products!

    If you’ve ever dealt with adult acne, you know how persistent it can be, how costly the medications and makeup can be, and most of all, how frustrating dealing with it all can be. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self not to waste money at the dermatologist or pay for…

  • My Favorite Swiss Chard Recipe

    My Favorite Swiss Chard Recipe

    Call me strange, but one of my favorite vegetables to grow in our Montana garden is Swiss chard! This versatile vegetable is not just a one season plant.  It does great all summer long and into the Fall.  I use Swiss chard much as I would spinach since I don’t even bother with spinach anymore. …

  • Keto friendly Huckleberry Dutch Baby

    Keto friendly Huckleberry Dutch Baby

    So we found the place.  You know what I’m talking about.  Our family Huckleberry picking spot!  The kind we will visit every summer.  Go way up a mountain, down a deserted, overgrown road and voila! There it is.  A secret we’ll only share with friends who come pick with us.  🙂  We picked more this…