cutting waffles with pizza cutter

Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

Okay, I love to make waffles for the family. This morning I experimented with overnight soaked kefir waffles. They turned out pretty good. But here’s the thing, it takes 5 minutes to cook one waffle which will then be divided up 5 ways and then devoured. Suddenly, your hungry hoarde is staring at you while you wait another 4 minutes for the next waffle to come out. Oh yeah, and you have three kids who need their waffles cut up. When are you going to eat? Good question!!!! Well, this my friends, is a simple timesaver that my husband thought of one morning. I wait till I have two hot waffles, then butter them and slice them up with the pizza cutter. Voila! Dump them onto the kids’ plates and pour syrup. Next, enjoy your fresh waffle when it comes out.