chinese brush painting

Around the World – Chinese painting & a panda

We’ve been learning about the world this school year by using Around the World with Picture Books by Rea Berg.  This fun geography curriculum uses children’s picture books which we check out at the library.  My kids are 6 and 4 years old.  So we just have fun with it.  We have studied China, Japan, and Thailand.  The curriculum has us learning, biography, history, the natural world, cuisine, and art from each country.  This book, Maps, is a great picture atlas of the world.  We have checked it out from our library so many times, I think it’s time to buy one. 🙂 

When we studied China, my husband helped the kids do some Chinese brush painting.  Zipporah had a real knack for it!  What surprised us most is that she naturally knew how to hold the brush and get some great strokes.  Here she is painting her panda, which somehow made it onto its own t-shirt. It just makes me want to smile.  Dancing Panda bear. 

family painting