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  • National Homemade Bread Day

    National Homemade Bread Day

    November 17 is a great day to warm up the house and fill it with the unmistakable aroma of fresh, homemade bread. I’ve got my French Country Boule Sourdough bread started and this time I’m adding bacon!!! Just flour, water, salt, and sourdough starter that I made on my kitchen counter from flour and water.…

  • Easy Pallet Animal Feeder

    Easy Pallet Animal Feeder



    Grab some scrap wood, screws and a couple of pallets to get your hay off the ground. After a couple of months of throwing our sheep’s hay on the ground, we realized that they were pretty picky about getting dry, clean feed. As you can see in the video our pasture is full of hay…

  • Around the World – Chinese painting & a panda

    Around the World – Chinese painting & a panda

    We’ve been learning about the world this school year by using Around the World with Picture Books by Rea Berg.  This fun geography curriculum uses children’s picture books which we check out at the library.  My kids are 6 and 4 years old.  So we just have fun with it.  We have studied China, Japan,…

  • Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Quickly Cut Waffles for the Kids

    Okay, I love to make waffles for the family. This morning I experimented with overnight soaked kefir waffles. They turned out pretty good. But here’s the thing, it takes 5 minutes to cook one waffle which will then be divided up 5 ways and then devoured. Suddenly, your hungry hoarde is staring at you while…