Boy reading Bible

Feast on the Word

As a Christian, I know it is important to be reading and meditating on the Bible. After all, it was written just for us from our Loving, Heavenly Father. However, there has often been a large rift between knowing and doing just that in my life. I don’t know about you, but I can specifically look back on my life and the times I’m growing in my faith are the times I’m in His Word.

I want to encourage other busy moms with young children to make this the year you are in the Word. You need it. Your spouse needs you in it. And your children need you in it. I started a Read through the Bible program last September and have been greatly blessed by it. Bible Challenge by Christ Church Ladies Fellowship  

This program has an app, and I see daily postings on my facebook page to remind me and encourage me in reading. 🙂 Recently, Ligonier Ministries sent out a list of plans that you can review here.

I have to be honest here, most of my “reading” is done by listening. I find it easier to get that quantity by listening, plus the kids get to hear it! Let me know what your favorite Bible reading plan is and how you schedule it into your day.