Montana’s Elkhorn Hotsprings

On our way home from Lewis and Clark Caverns we stayed overnight at Elkhorn Hotsprings.

What a beautiful place!  I always love the remoteness of the landscape at the incredible Grasshopper and Big Hole Valleys!  After traveling up an excellent, smooth and curving road we came to a collection of cabins in a little valley.  They have a restaurant and at the end of the road is the Pool House.  You check in at the Pool House.  Our cabin was ideally situated among the trees, had electricity, firepit without a grate, and a convenient outhouse.

View of the Grasshopper Valley.

To make things easier for the traveler, your stay comes with breakfast at the lodge.  Thank you!  The Hot Springs have a hot pool and a cooler pool.  Our kids were able to enjoy the cool one.  It felt like warm bath water.  Every pool should be that warm! 🙂  The hot one was too hot for all of us.   Just beware that Tuesday is the day for cleaning the big pool.  Thankfully we were there Monday night and got to enjoy it, but were not able to swim again the next morning.

Beautiful setting.  The kids were sad because the large pool was being cleaned Tuseday morning.