A Beautiful, Working, Practical, Garden

A garden with minimal weeds, actual vegetables that my family will eat, and flowers and herbs to scent the air and palette.  This is my dream garden.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still working my way there, but this year I am so excited! I feel like I am actually making progress! There are a lot of ways people minimize weeds and I would love to try them sometime.  However, sometimes ya gotta do what ya can do.

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya can do.

Laying down layers of mulch, and preparing beds from scratch, just seemed like too much time and money involved for our family at this point in time.  I wanted to spend next to nothing and still reap the benefits in time and money saved.  Here is what we did.  We picked up used (free) lumber wrap at a home building supply store and covered the garden (weed patch) last summer.  Then, this spring, cut my rows out and left the bulk of the wrap on the ground.  This cuts down on so many weeds!!! I am able to keep up on the weeds in the rows well enough.

Lumber wrap keeping weeds down in the garden.
I just want to garden and hang out with my chickens

I love to experiment.  Last year I tried growing eggplant.  This year I am trying sweet potatoes and okra! This is Montana, guys!!!!  Hopefully, we get to enjoy these two new crops.  I’ll let ya know how it turns out!  I planted the sweet potatoes in the black lumber wrap to make sure the ground is warm.  I planted them early and used walls of water around them until the last week of June.

I grow Cilantro like weeds. But it smells better!!! 🙂
Another favorite herb – Dill. So yummy!